Hi, I'm Julian van der Horst

A fifth year Computing science student in Nijmegen, The Netherlands

I enjoy creating all kinds of projects ranging from drinking games to well... drinking games. In a more serious note my hobbies are numerous and I hope this website is a place where all of these hobbies can have a place. So please do feel free to discover all of my weird 3D printer projects, my online drinking games, my analog photography or one of my other equally awesome projects.


Grey image of Julian van der Horst


Portfolio website

Believe it or not this is this website! I have tried to built this many times but gaveup eventually everytime... I'm sure this website will change many time but for now this is it. It is built with Nextjs in Typescript.


Topix is a project that we made for a course. The project was an app that uses AI to genereate a personal morning podcast. The whole generation is automated an we used a lot of different technologies to make this work.

Dishwasher website

This website is made to get students at the Radboud University to clear out the dishwasher. This website will give points to a user when they clean out the dishwasher and adds that score to a leaderboard. At the end of the month the scores will be wiped and a new Dishwasher of the month will take that place.

Bussen website

This has been my most popular website. It's again an online drinking game called bussen. This game is a famous dutch drinking game but because of COVID we couldn't play it. That is why I made an online version which still has some weirdness but it's still a lot of fun!

Horse races website

This website is again a drinking game website, and again this game was made to enjoy online "Borrels". This online game is basically a fair horse race which you play with cards. It is made with Elm which was quite a cool framework.

De slimste mens website

This website is made for an event for my study association. We wanted to do a "De slimste mens" livestream and this website provided the interface for the contestants and for the livestream. This was made with a huge time crunch so security wise it is not great



Coming soon...